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Welcome to KJHost.org  
KJHost.org is a free web hosting service. We offer Plenty of free features MySQL databases, phpMyAdmin, FTP access, file manager, cPanel, PHP hosting. Usually in exchange for free hosting services, the free web hosting company places advertisements on your free web pages of some sort (banners, textlinks, popups, etc.) to cover their costs, and hopefully make a profit, but in KJHost.org we provide FREE BANERLESS HOSTING (no ads, no popups, and no advert of any kind).Our servers are hosted at several large providers and all have 100 mbit uplinks to provide the best hosting quality! Our servers are monitored 24/7; both the server hardware and your site. We immediately come to the rescue if any problems occur. If you have any comments, tips or complaints obout our service, you can always mail us and we will help you! Customer satisfaction is our number one.Our hosting facilities are of the highest quality and performance characteristics. You can expect great service and uptime from our servers and systems.
KJHost.org offer: 500 MB disk space , 10 GB Bandwidth, Free subdomain , Instant activation, 2 MySQL databases , phpMyAdmin, cPanel, Full FTP Access and more..
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ImageBeaver 國外免費

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ImageBeaver 國外免費圖片空間,同時可以上傳20張圖片,可以設定是否為成人(Adult)圖片。每張圖片的大小為 1750KB, 支援一般的圖片類型。

【單檔限制】1750 KB
【檔案類型】JPG/JPEG - PNG - GIF


ezyPhotoShare 大容量

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ezyPhotoShare 國外的免費圖片上傳服務,支援多種類型的圖片,更支援 swf 檔。單檔限制為 19.5 MB,非常充裕。

【單檔限制】19.5 MB
【檔案類型】.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, .tif, .swf, and .png image types.


IMGSpot 圖片無限上傳(免註冊)

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Completely free image uploads/hosting!


支援圖檔類型:*.jpg, *.jpeg ,*.gif and *

.png files supported

單張圖片最大容量(Max file size): 650kb